Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

Kings Road

An expat from India, Ramesh and his family moved to Singapore a decade ago and lived on Kings Road. They fell in love with the neighbourhood and its people.

Our cosy corner

We moved to Singapore from Hong Kong in 2000 and our first home was at 24 Kings Road. I have many fond memories of that place. It was so convenient I could even walk to work through the Botanic Gardens and Nassim Road and reach my office in Wheelock Place in 30 minutes. We stayed there for nearly four years.

There were beautiful yellow flowering golden shower trees, good places to walk the dog, the Botanic Gardens and our simple, beautiful house. I loved the attic - I kept my music system there with a day bed and used to spend weekends lazing around. Every year we celebrated Deepavali and the house was perfect for that. We got some outdoor catering in the garden patch and the children could play with sparklers in the open.

My daughter used to go for her ballet class at the Kings Arcade shopping centre and I used to go for a beer or two at Bojangles. Coronation Plaza also became a favourite haunt for us. It was a different place then with no Starbucks. The NTUC supermarket and many odd small shops in that building make for a charming and unique experience. I still go there for some bookbinding, to cut my hair and eat the fried rice and laksa at Cosy Corner on the second floor.

Since we lived in such a beautiful place accessible to gardens and paths, I took up running with my Dalmatian, Patches, as my running buddy. For the first two years, we did not get a car, and my health improved quite a bit. My family from India visited us now and then. They were very happy and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings, unlike India, which is always rattled by noisy traffic all the time.

August 9

I was born on Aug 9, Singapore’s National Day and that made the attachment to Singapore a bit more personal. I always make it a point to go for the parades and celebrations. I never liked having a birthday party - since it was a national holiday I used to tell my friends - come to the Padang and look how I celebrate my birthday with fireworks!