teresa quek

Lower Delta Road

A condominium apartment in Teresa Ville on Lower Delta Road, where she lived at for more than 20 years. Teresa’s father loved the place and community so much that he named his daughter after it.

Surounded by greenery

My first home was Teresa Ville, a freehold condominium that was completed in 1986. I lived there with my parents, sister and our helper. From time to time our grandmother would visit from Malaysia and our cousins would come to play.

Later on I discovered that I was actually named after my home. No better name came into the mind of my father, so he just decided to pick Teresa! Opposite our place, there was a secondary school, CHIJ St Theresa Convent and right behind my house was a housing estate called Bukit Teresa. There is also the Church of St Teresa, a grand catholic church.

It was a tiny community tucked away in greenery. I have many good memories playing there with my neighbours. I also remember mosaic tiles on the walls, which you don’t see on the newer condominiums. We could hear the train pass by each time it headed for the railway station at Tanjong Pagar. After living there for 10 years, it was a sound we had grown accustomed to.

Teresa with her mother in the late 1980s in Teresa Ville.
The pool at Teresa Ville was a source of joy for many families.

"Later on I discovered that I was actually named after my home."

"We used to play hide & seek for hours in the huge grounds."

Good old play

After school, I would drop my bag off at home and go downstairs to find my neighbours. We used to play hide and seek because there were so many bushes and the car parks were huge. We could play for hours because it took you forever to find somebody. Then we would race on our bikes on the slopes until our parents hollered at us from the window to come up for dinner.

My room was my favourite part of my home where I could see the entire estate. I had a jungle view where I could see all the trees. Raffles City was like a tiny speck from my window and I used to be able to see fireworks on special occasions.

The view from Teresa's balcony.
A young Teresa posing along Lower Delta Road, with Teresa Ville in the background.

Bittersweet memories

Home is where family is, where we spend time together, where memories both fond and bitter are created. I spent a lot of time at home as a teenager as I wasn’t really allowed to go out a lot.

I like living in a place where there is space to roam and do your own thing. It’s nice to be able to see the sky and be among the trees. There are many things in the open that I can appreciate.